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12-Hour Light Stick Emergency Bright Glo Sticks - Multi Packs By Nexis / (Qty 12)

Vendor: Survival Frog

Features: Easy to see: These bright sticks produce the perfect amount of light. Not blindingly bright and too dim either. Easy to hold/hang: The bright light sticks have a small diameter for any sized hand. Also included is a hook so you can hang them from a lanyard, tent, or tree. Lightweight: Weighing a little over an ounce apiece they won't add any weight you don't need. Versatile: Hang it on a pet's leash to keep track of them in the dark Put one on a backpack to follow friends in the dark Use them as low light alternatives to bright flashlights Use them instead of candles when the power goes out Hang them around campsites so you can see where you're going Long Lasting: Emergency sticks have a shelf-life of 3-5 years. Affordable and Portable Emergency Light Our 12-Hour Emergency Bright Sticks are a long-lasting glow stick that can be used for a variety of purposes. Use them so you can get a low-steady light to see what you're doing or you can use them so you're spotted in the dark. Colors given at random and color not guaranteed. 12-Hour Light Stick Emergency Bright Glo Sticks - Multi Packs By Nexis / (Qty 12). Low Price Guarantee - 6 Month Any Reason Refund Guarantee - On Time Shipping - Best Customer Service

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