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Disposable 20-Hour Body Warmers By Techniche International / (Qty 40)

Vendor: Survival Frog

Features: Long-Lasting: Provide an amazing 20 hours worth of heat, unlike other varieties of hand warmers which only provide 6-8 hours. Super-Warm: Capable of producing heat as high as 155 degrees, helping to warm up your body in a matter of moments. The entire time they're open they'll give off a consistent 130 degrees of heat, more than enough to help you stay warm when it's brutally cold. 100% Safe: Because they rely only on oxygen to stay warm they're perfectly safe for use in a variety of circumstances. Compact: Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (or in a coat pocket) for ease of use and the ultimate in portability. The Perfect Heating Solution for Brutal Cold These body warmers aren't like your typical gas-station variety. They've been designed exclusively for situations where long-lasting heat are an absolute must. Incredibly easy to use, these air-activated body warmers will radiate consistent high temperature heat for 20+ hours helping to warm frozen digits or provide your body with the warmth it so desperately needs. Disposable 20-Hour Body Warmers By Techniche International / (Qty 40). Low Price Guarantee - 6 Month Any Reason Refund Guarantee - On Time Shipping - Best Customer Service

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