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Stealth Tact Shovel Modular Multifunction Entrenchment Tool By Frog & Co By Frog & Co.

Vendor: Survival Frog

Features: 12 Incredible Tools in One: Includes a shovel, knife, hatchet, saw, hoe, glass breaker, fire starter, fish scaler, bottle opener, hex wrenches, Phillips head screwdriver, and even a watertight compartment for your valuables. Intimidating Self-Defense Weapon: The blade on this shovel combined with the length of the shaft makes this a powerful self-defense weapon. No man or animal will want to be on the receiving end of a strike from this shovel. Easy Collapsible Storage: The shovel is 32.5" inches long when fully extended and can collapse to just 12" inches, making it easy to carry with you. As Long or as Short as You Need: The shovel is separated into modular sections that you can add or remove as you like. Add sections when you need more leverage and take sections off when you're in a tight spot and need more freedom of movement. Stable and Secure: Solid even during intense use because of the "lock-in-place" thread lock system. This thread lock system keeps each section of the shovel so secure you won't even be able to tell that it unscrews into separate pieces. Easy to Use: Anyone can use the Stealth Tact Shovel. If you can twist the lid off a water bottle, then you can collapse and expand this shovel. Lightweight: The 440C steel and ultra-light aircraft aluminum are both known for their lightness and durability. Includes: Stealth Tact Shovel (12 Tools in 1) Camo Carrying Bag There's no survival tool out there that can do everything...but the Stealth Tact Shovel comes pretty close. With 12 useful survival tools packed into one powerful shovel, this is a great addition to your collection of tools. Specs: Length (Extended): 32.5" in. Length (Collapsed): 12" in. Material (Head): 440C Steel Material (Handle): Ultra-Light Aircraft Aluminum ´╗┐Weight: ´╗┐46.4 oz. Stealth Tact Shovel Modular Multifunction Entrenchment Tool By Frog & Co By Frog & Co.. Low Price Guarantee - 6 Month Any Reason Refund Guarantee - On Time Shipping - Best Customer Service

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